Just a little bit about Rebecca "Becky" Woods.

       Becky was born and raised in a small farm town in MN. She considers herself a mix of country girl, flower child, mystic, pirate and alchemist. Her training and experiences span a vast area of topics from laboratory medicine to mediumship to being a commercial truck driver.

       Her passion has always been to help people feel well and live a life of ease.  With over sixteen years of experience working in different health care roles as well as personal and daily experiences, she is now focusing her education and efforts more on energy therapies and working with subconscious reprogramming.

        She has been an intuitive psychic since she was a young girl. She has been developing and fine tuning all of her abilities off and on since then. Her wellness approach includes other modalities she has learned as well, such as sound therapy, meditation, yoga and Reiki. 

       She is always learning more about alchemizing, working with the elements and quantum physics. Combinine all this with her medical knowledge, abundance of resources and connections, and she is able to help people make great progress toward thier goal of overall healing and wellness. 

       On her days off she enjoys spending time with family and friends, spending time in nature, listening to music, painting, fishing and riding her Harley. 

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