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When I started my journey to creating my dream life, I hit a few bumps in the road! I had no problem calling in things, people, relationships and experiences, but money.... not so much! LOL When I started calling in big ticket items, I had some "snap back" moments. These are moments after an expansions moment. So for me, letting in the big ticket items was a stretch... or expansion. The bigger the expansion the bigger the "snap back" or retraction effect! So when I decided to be in "The Wild Woman Book of Prosperity" last fall, I decided to focus on the practical side of prosperity and manifesting. I developed a process that would help allow things in with more ease and keep them for as long as you like.

I discussed my 4 step process, from my chapter entitled "Practical Prosperity". We created a Launch group on Facebook when the book came out and had a big virtual party. All the videos from the authors are still in the group, including my original video from October. I also went live last Sunday to chat a bit about my chapter. We have a few authors adding content to the group , so go check it out! Here's the link to join our group . You can also get your copy of the book on my website by using this link !

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