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Mirrors! Mirrors! Everywhere!

As I am walking through this healing season, I am reminded of the mirrors. They are everywhere. I can't ever really escape them. Sure, I can isolate and that gives me a temporary reprieve. Then they morph. No, I'm not losing my mind or paranoid. When you decide to take the healing journey, there are many mirrors. Most show up in other people. People that trigger you perhaps, or randomly cross your path never to be seen again. The Universe uses people, places, emotions, relationships and situations to teach us. Once you start opening up to it's teaching, it will use these mirrors to reflect back to you, where you have opportunities for healing and growth. Now that I am stepping into a coaching roll, I am healing and growing on a whole different level.

You know that boss that drives you crazy, they are a mirror. This could be for many reasons. Here are a few examples. Do you need to learn how to manage your stress or anger in a more healthy way? Do they trigger you about something else in your past that needs more attention and healing, like an injustice that you still get emotional about or an overpowering parent? Maybe, you need to learn to differentiate between your ego and your true self. My favorite is learning to not let experiences outside your self and your control, influence your energy.

Do any of these things resonate with you. Is there is someone in your life that just feels like friction or resistance, ask yourself, "What am I suppose to be learning from this?" and "When I am on my death bed, is this going to matter to me?". If you are interested in working with me one on one I have 4 openings for clients at this time. I don't claim to know everything and I have learned so much that I can't wait to share with you, as you start or continue on your journey! I can help guide you through some of these puzzling situations. With a combination of years of classwork and my intuition, I am able to tune in and help you translate these reflections and talk by you through the growth and healing, The world is like one big disco ball! Mirrors! Mirrors! Everywhere! ~ BW

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Awesome post, Becky! I love the disco ball reference! Will be sending you positive juju and belief that those four slots will be filled and you'll have a waiting list!

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