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Not Today Satan!

As we dive into healing the self, we often hear talk about the "shadow". This can be an alarming word for many. We think of evil and the devil. We think of all out "bad" actions, thoughts and feelings.

This is unfortunate, as it scares many people away from ultimately healing and growing into their best version of self! Carl Jung describes the "shadow" as the unconscious part of our character or personality that does not align with the ideal version of what we are aiming for. In studying the Law of Attraction and Alignment, it is often being our of alignment with our divine self that caused us to feel negative or unwanted feelings. Our feelings can be used as a compass. They can guide us. If fact, I believe they were meant to guide us. Not to go down a rabbit hole here, but I also believe that is why emotions have been turned into a dirty word or sign of weakness. Those that aim to control, knew that if was "in them" we would find our strength and guidance system to becoming anything we wanted to become. So when we feel into our "shadow" and heal the areas that were left unprocessed, we can grow in exponential ways. Energies (emotions), and energetic imprints (traumas, impacts) remain in our body until they are processed and released. They can inhabit your muscles, tissues, cells and even your DNA. They were most likely left unprocessed because at the time they occurred, your body said, NOPE! Not Today Satan! Your body will shut down the processing of these energies if it is likely to overload your nervous system. It is a survival technique. What I was never knew, until the last few years, is that later, when the threat of life or death has subsided or we have been removed from that situation, we need to go back and revisit that energy, process it and release it. Please know, this doesn't mean you have to re-live the experience. If memories or feelings surface, they are never as bad as the real thing. Keep in mind, that they push themselves up often anyway, and we automatically keep pushing them down. To go in and process them, releases them so that they don't keep pushing up unannounced or when we are triggered. After processing them they are either released or their intensity decreases significantly to be healed on another level. This work is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage and dedication AND the results are seemingly miraculous. If you feel called to work with your shadow, reach out to me. It had been the major source of my healing and growth. I can guide you and hold sacred and safe space for you. ~ BW

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