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Who Should NOT make New Years Resolutions!

There is a very large population of people that should NOT make New Years Resolutions.

Let me explain. If you are someone who struggles with mental health and lives in the Northern Hemisphere - YOU should NOT make New Year's Resolutions! If you consider yourself to be a feeler, sensitive or an empath - YOU should NOT make New Year's Resolutions. If you have had a rough time during the holidays, in previous years due to a loss or are grieving currently - YOU should NOT make New Year's Resolutions.

Speaking from experience, this is survival and hibernation time. It is not a time to strive, grind, set goals or resolutions. Many of us that fit in the above categories are just trying to hang on and get through the day. This is 2nd toughest time of the year. (The 1st being Nov/Dec) We have made it through the holidays and now there's nothing to look forward to until Valentine's Day. That holiday in itself can push some over the edge. In the North, we are mostly done with hunting, fishing slows down, so we need to be creative about getting outside. The roads have been crappy to drive on. Storms and snow removal have started taking its toll. Many are financially strained after the holidays. The kids have been home for 2 weeks! LOL

We should absolutely try to be more healthy and try new things! We should absolutely set goals! Just not right now. Try to set them on the Lunar New Year which happens to be Jan. 22nd this year. Another great time is on your birthday, as long as it doesn't fall into the Nov-Jan timeframe. Or just decide to do July 1st. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, things would need to be adjusted accordingly.

This "winter" season is for resting, snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa, watching movies that we know will have a happy ending, getting fresh air every day in creative ways, for being social in creative ways, such as, zoom or videocall. When you feel a creative burst, go for it! If you run out of interest before you are finish a creative project, put it away. It's ok! Baby steps! Maybe you will go back to it later. Maybe not! Don't worry about it. Listen to upbeat music, keep your spaces well lit, avoid negative crap like the news and certain social media.

If all you can muster energy up for is to show up for work and go home. Good for you! When you have a little extra energy, make a large meal and freeze it for the days when you don't feel like cooking. Most of us get a surge of energy and then try to take on too much and we burn out right away. Easy does it and baby steps should be your motto this time of year. If you are unable to get to work or get out of bed call your local crisis hot line. In most states it is #988.

This is the time in which many struggle to allow medication and other means to support them. I fought it until I had a break down. I finally , tried it. It isn't a for sure fix. It can help many. You may need to try more than one to find one that works for you. Never, go off any medications, during the fall or winter months in your time zone. Also, a fun fact - many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are Vitamin D deficient due to lack of sunlight AND once you are over 30ish, your skin no longer converts sunlight to Vit. D and so many of us should be taking it year round. Please talk with your doctor before starting any new supplements.

Finding a way to get fresh air every day is a huge help. Even if you just bundle up and stand outside for 10-15 minutes. You don't have to do anything and it doesn't have to be all at one time. Movement is another huge help in the cold and dark months. Crank up the tunes and dance for 15-20 mins a day. It can be in 5-10 min increments! If you can't get around to easy, sit in a chair and move your arms or legs. Anything helps. LIGHT! LIGHT! LIGHT! One big NO NO is to live in a dark cave during these months. Turn all the lights on! At least until you are ready to wind down for the evening. In the heart of the darkness, it gets dark at 420pm and the sun doesn't come up until 930am so we need to regulate our light. Try a S.A.D. light. I really like mine. I think it was $30. Read, write, draw, color, play games, do anything to get your mind going. Try not to be on electronics too close to bedtime. Sleep is the next important thing. Try really hard to stay on a regular sleep schedule. Don't stay up all night binge watching "Yellowstone", playing games on your phone, or scrolling through social media.

Managing your energy is huge during this time. I can not say enough about weekly smudging or clearing your personal spaces. You can use sprays, burn herbs, do a simmer pot and use diffusers with essential oils. I have a diffuser going 24/7 in my living spaces. Also, if you are struggling with fatigue when you return home from work or school, jump in the shower. Not a wash your hair, shave your legs shower. A 5-7 min rinse the day off energy shower. A quick shower will cleanse your aura. It usually will buy me another 2 hours or so of awake time.

You can also add essential oils to your skin. Follow directions as many need to be diluted with distilled water or a carrier oil and not used directly on the skin. Also, some essential oils are made for aromatherapy purposed only. Those should not be used on the skin. Another tool I use to help manage my energy is crystals. Google what you want help with... "energy", "motivation" and then get to your local rock shop or amazon. Keep them in your pocket or bra, or on a necklace during the day and by your night stand while you sleep.

Another one of my staples for managing energy is sound therapy. I have a sound bowl and I love it. You can use things such as drums, rattles, bells, tuning forks, instruments, you name it. Many of these can be make easily at home. You do not need to spend money for these things. There are many videos on You Tube as well as certain frequencies. I stay away from the lives, but that's just me. You can google what frequency is good for "love", "heart healing", "depression", "elevate mood" and then search for it on Spotify or You Tube. I also utilize Hypno-Nidras and Yoga-Nidras. Many places that offer massage, offer these services as well. I use EFT and last but not least I use Reiki! I am a Master Reiki Practitioner now and so I am certified to teach classes as well as provide sessions to others. You can find Reiki music on You Tube and Spotify as well.

The more tools you have in your tool box the better. Think of it as tools to support, nurture and nourish you at this time. Nature is resting and reflecting on the lessons and experiences from the prior year. If you have trouble sitting with your thoughts, it might be a sign that you have some inner work to do. This is the ideal time for meditation, inner child work and shadow work as well. Just remember, approach this with curiosity. Don't beat yourself up over anything. What's done is done. This is time for growth, understanding and integration.

Please, take this as your "Get out of Resolutions Free Card." It's not meant for everyone. When your friends are asking what your New Years Resolution is, tell them self care! What could be better, than taking care of you and allowing yourself support and rest. I wish you all a wonderful start to 2023!

- BD Energeezinc

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