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April is Mercury Retrograde Month! No Foolin!

This year Mercury retrograde starts on April 1st! No joke! It will last most of April!

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap! It doesn't have to be a technical or communication nightmare!

The tip I learned that has really helped me navigate is to slow down, plan ahead and the "RE" rule.

For Mercury "RE"trograde follow the "RE" rule. Anything you need to or want to do , add a "RE" in front of it. I's a great time to re-work, re-think, re-visit, re-read, re-watch, re-listen.... you get the idea. It is also a great time to experiment! Like any other time of the year, not everything you try will work! If you try it during retrograde and it DOES work..... it will work "RE"ally well!! ( see what I did there! lol) So don't rush through or take any short-cuts during April! Read the fine print! Give yourself extra time and everything will be just fine! ~ BW

April 1st starts Mercury Retrograde

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