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I AM.... The Two Most Powerful Words on Earth!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

One of the adjustments I made in my life that has probably caused the largest positive shift in my reality, is to be more mindful of my words and thoughts. Since the beginning, words, both written and spoken have held tremendous power. The term I Am relating to God appears over 300 times in the Bible. Words' power was recognized when incantations were called "spells". The word spell comes from the Germanic "spel". The word Gospel also comes from this origin. Harvest season is the perfect time to start observing the words you are choosing to regularly use in your vocabulary. A phrase as innocent as "I can't wait!", actually infers that you unable to wait for what you want. Rather, try using the phrase "I am so ready!". Can you feel the difference in the energy of those two phrases. One of my favorites is "Thank you for waiting for me!" verses "Sorry I am late." A great way to start experimenting with the power and vibration of words and phrases, is to start using affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements, usually about yourself or your reality. The most powerful affirmations are the " I am.." affirmations. Start by writing down as many as you can think of. Omit any not, can't, won't... any version of no or not. Get creative! Instead of saying " I won't be broke anymore", change it to " I will always have more than enough!". This will take a little practice. When you are through, pick out 3 that resonate with you. Affirmations that you can say out loud to yourself in the mirror and feel confident about their validity. They have to feel true to you or they won't work. Here are a few of my favorites : I am abundant! What I seek, is seeking me! I am resourceful! I am satisfied! I am grateful for everything the Universe has provided for me! All my needs are met! I am open to receive all the blessings the Universe brings to me!. Start by repeating your 3 Affirmations every morning when you first wake up and every night right before you go to bed. The easiest way to get "in the flow" of all the Universe wants to bless you with, is to live from a place of gratitude. No matter how bad your reality may be, there is always something to be grateful for. I am breathing. I am alive. I am able to see the sun rise and set. Take a few deep breathes, put your and on your heart, look yourself in the eye and mean what you are saying. Then notice how your reality starts to shift in your favor! Happy Harvest Season my friends! Becky

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