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Are you tired or is your soul tired?

When you are learning to be aware of your energy health, this is a question you will need to ask yourself often. Sometimes it's difficult to decipher if you need to rest, create, unwind, or clear your energy field. Some of you might be saying, Um, Becky.... I'm pretty sure there's a big difference between needing to rest and starting a creative project. You are correct! I am willing to bet at least 3 our of 5 times you feel like you need a rest, you could do one of the other options and feel revived after. If you don't believe me try it!

There are many ways to revive your energy body, or soul. When you start to learn about energy health and become more aware, you will start to notice that tired isn't always, physical fatigue. It can often be soul , mental, emotional or energetic fatigue. The later can be remedied without sleep. Examples of things that can restore these types of fatigue are as follows:

- a casual walk in nature

- playing with a pet

- energy shower ( skip the hair care ) just rinse the energy picked up through out your day off

- aura dusting

- dancing

- journaling

- coloring

- painting

- drawing

- knitting

- crafting

- getting a massage

- reading a book ( that's not for learning or self help)

- looking through a magazine or cook book

Anything that lights you up or recharges you! I always say that I'm solar powered and need to be by water.

So when I can, that's what I do, I sit by the water in the sun. If I'm short on time, I'll do the energy shower.

Experiment! The next time you think to yourself, geez I could use a nap... ask yourself, Do I need rest or something else and pick something from this list or make your own list and see what happens. - BW

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