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Remember Her, Find Her, Heal Her & Love Her!

Being feminine in todays world is hard. We face many challenges that conflict with our inner knowing every day. We have been conditioned to believe, that which makes us divine is bad, weak and unacceptable. We may have been forced to conform, be still, be quiet, look thin and beautiful, do the same work as a male for less pay while someone else raises our children! Do you know we are only one vote away from NOT being able to vote!

We have trauma from our ancestors stored in our DNA. We also have strength, knowledge and power from them stored in our DNA as well! Thank Goddess! Many of us have been raised to be overly independent man haters, while the males were raised to be overly independent women haters. This is not what we were created to be. When we can tap into that inner knowing and are allowed to follow it, we become the most powerful, loving, nurturing, intuitive, knowing, sovereign, beautiful

feminine version of ourselves. The same is true for the masculine's.

Females and Males each have aspects of the divine feminine and masculine within them, It is when we find that balance within and find a partner with that balance within , that we have the power to create worlds. Yes, it really is that powerful! Which is precisely why they have been programming it out of us for centuries.

We are rising! We are healing! We are remembering what our purpose is on this planet. Are you ready to start your deprogramming and healing? Are you ready to love being a woman? If you are I'd be honored to guide you!

I just added my new Divine Feminine Healing Session to the website. This healing and remembering will unfold uniquely with each of you. It will usually take more than one session as there will be a time period of integration before you are ready for the next session. This often includes womb healing, ancestral healing and for some past life healing. If you found this it is likely meant for you. You are the one that your ancestors have chosen to do the healing work. When you heal, you heal 7 generations ahead and 7 generations behind and on multiple timelines. This work is deep. It will also set you free! It is what is going to save this crazy planet we live on!

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